Book Review by Zara

Book Review.

The Bolds to the Rescue by Julian Clary.

Genre- fiction, humour, adventure, animal story.

This is the second book about a family of hyenas pretending to be humans and living in a normal street.

Setting- 41 Fairfield Road, Teddington.

Plot 1- A crocodile comes out of the toilet

Plot  2- Two race horses move in with The Bolds

Plot 3- The police come around to The Bolds house

Characters- Mr and Mrs Bold, Betty, Bobby, Miranda, Uncle Tony, Mr McNumpty, Sheila.

I like Sheila the crocodile because she has been set free from living in the sewers for 1000 years. She is scaly and wrinkly and can be a bit rude.

I give the book 5 stars because it is really funny.

When I read the book it makes me feel happy because it always makes me laugh.


Ruby’s Book Review – The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton

This book is about a boy and a girl called Molly and Peter who go on adventures in a unique chair. The chair is special because you can wish to go somewhere and it will take you there because it has wings on its legs. Molly and Peter go to a giant’s castle and a pretty little island which actually disappears and takes you with it. In goblin land a duck snips off the wishing chair’s wings so the wishing chair can’t fly. What will Molly and Peter do?

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it’s a very good book for children like me because it gets my imagination going. This book made me happy because when Molly and Peter get into trouble there is always a solution and I like to read about the different lands that they go to as it makes me wonder where they will go next.

Easter blogging challenge by Oscar Smith

One afternoon in dark, gloomy and whispy space, a balloon was floating high in the sky. On the string of the balloon was a foamy safe-box with a camera in it. It was filming where it would go. It was a mystery. . .who would know? Then the camera could see the white rock that we know is the moon! Down below an enormous planet called Earth was in space spinning and the moon was orbiting Earth. On Earth Year 5 were waiting down below, they were waiting patiently being the best they could be. After that the ballon began to pop and fall down to the massive planet Earth. It landed with a gentle “thump” in a farmer’s field. The farmer’s field with the camera and the balloon was near Mr Huthart’s mummy and daddy’s house! Mr Huthart’s mummy and daddy drove in their car to that farmer’s field, they picked it up gently then returned to their house where Year 5’s teacher was waiting excitedly! Norbridge was all happy!

Blogging Challenge – Finding a home for Blob by Ruby

One stormy night in the deep, dark craters of the white, shiny moon, a tiny alien called Blob was hiding from a terrifying monster in the dark, creepy shadows. He didn’t know that it was actually a nice, friendly astronaut called Samuel. Samuel took a picture of Blob, “an alien” he cried out, “I’ve never seen one before, this is a miracle! Wait till I tell my family and friends, they’ll be over the moon!” Blob shivered and scrunched up in a little ball, he was scared to death, he’d never seen a monster on the moon before this was something new. Luckily Blob had his book about scary monsters, he looked in it and found out that the scary monster was actually an astronaut wearing a white space suit. He carefully scrunched out of his ball and took a look at the astronaut from head to toe. He crawled out of the crater and in a tiny squeaky voice he said “hello, my name is Blob, can I be your friend? I’m lost, can you help me find the planet where I live? I don’t know what it’s called? Samuel replied “of course I can, just hop on my back and we;ll try and find the planet you live on”. They set off floating above the white silky moon, then they floated off the moon onto the next planet which was mars. “This is my home” cried Blob. He rushed to see his family and friends. “Blob” his nother said “we’ve been waiting for you”. “This astronaut Samuel helped me” Then Samuel cried out in surprise … “My rocket is floating away, quick do something” As quick as a firework Blob flew up into the sky and grabbed one edge of the rocket, he brought the rocket down safely to Samuel. Samuel said “oh Blob, you kind little alien” Blob thanked Samuel and said “do something for someone and they’ll do it in return” Samuel said “bye bye Blob I hope I’ll see you again soon”.

The trip to The Deep by Natalie

I like The Deep because I liked when we went in to the lift because you could still see the fish. I like the seacreature that has a shell on it’s back that was called a turtle. I really liked the turtle it was so cute, his shell was a little bit brown on his shell there was some a little big brown spots on his shell. I would like to call that turtle Ellie because I think it’s a cool name. I saw an eel that looked like snail too. I saw some lovely jellyfish and I would like to call him Sam.

My trip to The Deep by Zara

Last Thursday Year Two went on a trip to The Deep in Hull.

We set off first thing in the morning and Hazelnut Class were on the top deck off the bus. We were all really excited and on the way there we saw The River Ouse, The Humber River and The Humber Bridge.

When we arrived, the first thing we did was went into a big tunnel and saw sharks swimming around us. We also went in a lift and a turtle swam right past us.

My favourite part of the day was when we saw the penguins swimming. They did a little show and were racing and jumping. I thought it was amazing. I also learnt all about the penguins and that the biggest penguin is the Emperor Penguin. There are also Fairy Penguins and King Penguins.

A lady that worked there told us all about the different animals that live in The North Pole and South Pole. I learnt that polar bears live in the North Pole and penguins live in the South Pole.

On the way home everyone was really tired because we’d had a long day.

I thought The Deep was a brilliant place to visit and I would love to go again with my family.

Oscar’s Edward Tulane book review

The book is about Edward Tulane, a china rabbit, who gets washed away and taken away. He meets lots of people and has some problems, like cracking his China head, but he lives happy ever after as meets his owner Abilene again and gets a new owner Maggie who is Abilene’s little girl because Abilene is now a grown up!

My favourite character is Sarah-Ruth because she looks so lovely in the book and she is poorly so I feel I really like her.

My favourite part of the story is Edwards dream when he cracks his head  and he dreams meets Abilene and everyone is there. I like this because he is with everyone who looks after him.

I would give this book 10/10 because I really love the story a lot.

Oscar Smith

Book review by Ella

A book review of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

The story is about a rabbit made out of china, his name is Edward Tulane. His owner is Abilene who loved him very much and he gets lost, also he goes on an adventure.

The characters:
Edward – Rabbit made out of china
Abilene – Owner of Edward
Nellie – The next owner
Lawrence – The fisherman
Bull – The tramp
Lucy – The dog
Bryce – The next owner of Edward
Sarah Ruth – Bryce’s sister
Maggie – Abilene’s little girl

This book makes me feel kind because part the way through the story Edward remembers how to be kind to his owners and love them.

I would recommend this book to someone else because I have enjoyed it so much, so I think that you should read this story because it makes us happy and sad.

I think this story was brilliant I really enjoyed it because at the end he finds his owner and it makes me happy.

I would give this book 5 stars!

Book Review by Zara

This is my book review of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Dicamillo.

The story is about a china rabbit called Edward Tulane. At the start of the book he lives in Egypt Street in America with a little girl called Abilene. He is very happy there because Abilene loves and cares for him. Then one day when they are on their way to England on a boat he gets thrown overboard and goes deep under the sea. He is lost but goes on a big adventure and meets lots of nice people.

I liked the book because it made me want to read more and more to find out what happened to Edward. There were some sad bits to the story that I didn’t like.

I would recommend this book to other children that are my age or older because there are a few tricky words to read.

Overall I thought it was brilliant !